My thoughts — Surface Duo developer for over 880 days

My entry into the Duo world

It all started on the same day when Panos Panay introduced the Duo. Until then, I could not imagine Microsoft jumping on the Google bandwagon and launching its own Android phone with the Play Store from Mountain View preinstalled.

Just the “niche” makes it endearing for me

What kept me on the ball all these years was that the entire Surface Duo developer community is “family-like”. Of course, this is due to the fact that the Duo has not yet taken off in terms of sales and market penetration. So what is one man’s sorrow is another man’s joy. With the announced price, it is not to be expected otherwise, and in my naive perception, it is exactly what Microsoft wants.

(Still) no developer community outside of Microsoft

Unfortunately, the above point now leads to this. Outside of Microsoft’s official community, I haven’t noticed any other community worth mentioning that cares about development for “foldables” and multiscreen devices. If anyone has any tips, please share them in the comments.

Note: Apple non-Intel Macs are left behind

As with other developer topics from Microsoft, Apple devices and especially the not-so-new M1 Macs are also left behind here. Even after several months, there is still no emulator for the Surface Duo for these devices, for example. The emulator maintained by Google has been running on these machines for a long time. An update is promised, but without a time frame.

What I wish for the next 880 days

As mentioned, the most important thing is that Microsoft stays on the ball. With updated hardware in the form of a Surface Duo 3, with a rapid update cycle of the Android operating system and, above all, with people who help you find your way in the rather complex world of dual screen devices.


Yes, I remain faithful to the Surface Duo, respectively to the hobby of development for multiscreen devices. In the same breath, it’s important to mention that I’m sticking to it for reasons that also keep me away from the role of a professional developer. Few users, a manageable ecosystem where people still know each other by name, and the fact that it’s not mainstream.



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